Weekend Tunes, March 28th 2015

God bless shuffle and the rediscovery of forgotten corners of your music library.

Welcome to another installment of Weekend Tunes.

Back in September of 2008, I went to a concert at the Somerville Theater with a group of family friends to see Zucchero Fornaciari live on his own birthday. I had a great time, and I am certain Zucchero (pronounced: tsukkero) had a great time as well. He was clearly already well into his birthday celebrations when he first walked on stage, I distinctly remember a slight stumbling quality to his gait.

Other than understanding that he is a rather famous Italian artist, who lives in the genres of blues, rock, and pop, I am not particularly familiar with Zucchero, his discography or his career. Instead, I would like to present to you the one album of his that I am very familiar with.

Zu & Co. is the perfect accompaniment to entertaining:

On Zu & Co. you will find an assemblage of collaborations with such well regarded artists as Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Sting, Pavarotti, Andrea Botticelli, and B.B. King… yes, it’s amazing, I know!

zu & co

Just as Zucchero’s name suggests, the music on this album is very sweet. It is simple, easygoing, toe-tapping, hum-along type of music. There’s a bit of optimistic and bouncy pop, a few touching or heartwrenching ballads, some slick, movement-inspiring rock, and just a touch of stirring, modern blues.

But most importantly, there is excellent trumpeting by the one and only Miles Davis. Dune Mosse is my favorite track.

Followed closely by Zucchero’s collaboration on Sting’s early 90’s track [Mad About You], Muoio Per Te.

I can just imagine a steamy evening here in New England; sun setting, drinks flowing, the grill smoking, and Zu & Co. providing the essential groovy ambiance.

Video preview of album, as provided by the ever brilliant Google search engine.

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