Let’s get political:

Human beings are forever testing the limits of their humanity. Corruption is not a new issue, elite’s doing their damnedest to maintain their elitism is not a new effort, it is simply base intuition to act upon and protect one’s best interests. Every century or so, however, a society’s system is rebooted, there is a Rebellion, a Renaissance, a Revolution, a Resettlement. After the succession of these recent waves of Industrialization, Globalization, and now blatant Corporate Domination, I’d say the United States is due for a reboot.

On a global scale now, Capitalism is the new black.

I am not suggesting that we need to abandon this modus operandi (sorry Socialists), capitalism runs through the veins of every modern human of a developed nation… they can’t enjoy their morning cup o’ joe without participating in the markets… but we need to check our capitalism. With the passing of Citizen’s United in 2010, and the current negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we have surely hit rock bottom. By law, a corporation has more influence over our political system than its own citizens. By law, a corporation has better protected “human” rights than the humans the corporation employs.

Matt Wuerker for Politico

I am as materialistic and device hungry as the next American, just as callous to the daily pleas for some change, for a buck, as every other New Yorker, but I insist: I do have empathy. I want my neighbor to be just as well as situated as most of us are, to have a place to sleep and work, to make a living wage; allowing for the investment in fresh, whole foods, clothing, and entertainment. I want every child in the country to have the same academic opportunity I had: access to computers and internet, a large, safe school, ample textbooks to refer to, and well qualified teachers who are passionate about their subject matter as well as their influence over young minds. Above all, I wish for Americans to have confidence in their government.

There is a prevalent disenchantment, from the common liberal to the common conservative, in our politicians and political system. We are upset, we do not feel represented, we do not feel well provided for. However, just as I do not see capitalism going anywhere, I do not see our federal government going anywhere (sorry Tea Party-ers). I am convinced that a large part of this disenchantment is simply ignorance, ignorance of what government’s capacity for influence is and what it is actually doing on a daily, or annual basis.

Let me make sure we’re all on the same page: a governing body exists to serve it’s citizens. Our representatives, our senators, our president, are all civil servants, and today, the issue is that we do not feel well served. There are some things in this modern life that are too complicated for the individual the manage on their own, and in truth, are better managed at a large scale to allow for efficiency and consistency: public education, healthcare, public transportation, maintenance of roads and bridges, military services, monetary policies…

I understand that the United States was founded on an attempted escape from an overbearing governing body, the Church of England. But in 2015, in a country of: such wealth, such a large population, under and emitting such large influence on the rest of the international community, we can no longer idealize our history and continue to pretend that this is still the wild west.

The American psyche is painfully individualistic. We need to graduate to a point of deep understanding, that we are members of and active participants in local, national, and global communities, and therefore demand collaborative & encompassing governance.

Criticism, I insist, is the ultimate form of patriotism.


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