A funny thing happened (on the way back from the forum)

Regardless of my cool cat exterior: with my extensive knowledge of spirits, hobby of homebrewing, and contagious passion for wine, I am a dork at heart – which is why I’m using a cultural reference I picked up in my 8th grade Latin class: Steven Sondheim’s farce of a musical “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum.” *are you sensing the sarcasm?*

I don’t know about you, but I spent my weekend pouring the deliciously sweet, dessert wines of Quady Winery at the raucous and rowdy event called Wine Riot.


The concept is brilliant, to bring together both passionate and curious wine consumers with specific producers and industry professionals for a few wild afternoon/evenings filled with new experiences and inspiring vino-themed enlightenment. Side note: it’s better in theory, because I happened upon plenty of guests who used this brilliant event as a method to get shwasted off of quality products. Regardless, it was a fun experience for the sake of meeting some of those professionals – the wine industry is a very cool place filled with fascinating people.


After four hours of repeating the same spiel, Marina and I adventured off (as we typically do) to sample more of the best that Boston has to offer. I will mention our dinner at Blue Dragon: because it’s a great space, an establishment of Boston-based chef – Ming Tsai, serving delicious Asian cuisine, with a wonderfully caring staff, rounding out to an overall great experience.



*tips from the event: straight to the dinner bill, the bulk being paid in one dollar bills… we had some explaining to do

But my main intention with this post is to introduce you to Tavern Road. I am going to talk this place up, with such skill and eloquence, that you will find yourself so strongly pulled to this exceptional place.

The best of Boston epitomizes class. I am not talking old money off dubious origin, and patrons of certain pedigrees with their noses perpetually in the air, who possess extensive knowledge regarding table settings…(although “class” certainly exists in that form), but rather “of high quality, integrity, status, or style“. What I like best about the Boston(/Northeast) mentality, is that pomp and circumstance is not often tolerated. We’re an educated lot, who know the simple magnificence of fresh, local produce, who care about the integrity of the spirit in our glass, who appreciate understated interiors with fine furnishings, and who value earnest interactions above all (I am certainly generalizing a diverse population to a wild extent).


So here, I finally get to my point, that Tavern Road must be one of Boston’s best. Sure, the Improper Bostonian already has its own “Boston’s Best” award… but this is Abigail’s designated Boston’s best… and we all know the incredible honor of such an assessment 😉


I did not come here for a meal, instead we visited for an evening drink, but I much appreciated the list on the menu naming the local farmers and small businesses from which Tavern Road sources its ingredients from. The cocktail list is short but wonderfully inventive. The bar is stocked, I am being sincere here: perfectly – a few curiosities, reputable standards, a wide range across the world of liqueurs/aperitifs/digestifs. The glassware is geometrically simple and lightweight: aesthetically very pleasing . The stools are plush and terribly comfortable. The bar itself is made of a pale, grey striped marble. The whole space is open and airy, with large windows and great mood lighting, it’s not too loud… oh I could go on and on! but I must mention our excellent server Will, who while being quite the busy bee, seamlessly melded in and out of our conversation with clever quips and brilliant sarcasm (which I view as the greatest form of comedic expression), serving as an excellent host, and demonstrating a mastery of hospitality. Above all, they reeled me in by playing SRV’s Lenny, a recent induction to my all time favorite compositions of music:

You will have to take my word for it; this is a fantastic business, with which I have sincerely fallen in love.

(so much mush, bleah)


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