13 Favorite Posts of 2013

It’s been a wild ride here. This little thing, the virtual and unofficial publication of ideas, has morphed almost unrecognizably from my first post in October 2012. The direction it’s headed in? I haven’t the slightest idea. But I will continue to write about issues that inspire, restaurants that excite, and perhaps a bit more on films that stimulate.

Quite a few of these selections are chronicles of my time spent in Europe this summer, really pleasant memories reflected there. I mention this because soon enough I will release the photo album! I’ve been picking away at it for months and it is certainly due for public viewing by now.

Here is the so judged crème de la crème, cream of the crop… do you agree? If you’ve missed any posts, these are the one’s of repute:

Bread & Circus
Very important post in this corner of the internet
Happy People and a Couple of Dreams
passionate, considerate, and altruistic #MCC2013
To Write What Is True
Wine in France, Beer in England, and Whisky in Scotland…
Just a glimpse: Tuileries (Champs-Elysées before, Musée d’Orsay to come)
Edinburgh Festivals!
A little story
This is Life (to me)
Blue Jasmine, and a commentary
Sam’s at Louis


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