Inequality for All

Everyone must see this.

I am almost tempted to leave it at that. But I wont. Robert Reich has created this sort of detailed powerpoint presentation to clarify the current status of the U.S.’s income economy (there is certainly a proper term that can be used here, but I do not know it). It is approachable, easily understood, even a bit funny sometimes, and surprisingly optimistic. Reich might be a short guy, but he has high hopes, the likes of which I have not seen recently.

I do not understand all of the aspects of our government’s functions and current workings. I can see, however, that there is a great injustice being served to most of us (yes, the 99%). Can you feel it to? No matter how much you work, how much time and physical energy you exert, there still isn’t enough. No matter how absolutely I believe I deserve a “higher education”, there are always the questions of how will I afford it? How will I pay it back? Why is Education a privilege? There are cracks and fissures in my daily operations that I cannot make sense of, that I cannot find the logic behind.

Inequality for All serves to illuminate some of those issues. It seems like more of an informational video, exposing the statistics behind it all that you can clearly understand and decide how to respond, how to act.

Is anyone else fed up yet? With the nonsense on TV, the excuses and blatant lies our politicians shamelessly give us. All of it filling our ears and confusing the rationale and coherent reasoning that is supposed to lie there. I think I’m almost at my tipping point, I can hear the roar of the waterfall ahead, and things are not going to be pretty once I get there.


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