Blue Jasmine, and a Commentary

Ah Woody Allen, how you inspire me. Just caught up to the times, and watched Blue Jasmine, I was so disappointed when I arrived in Paris and found out that I was missing the release of Woody Allen’s latest movie. Fuck me that sounds awful, I apologize.

Anyways, we got to talking after viewing. This film is all about perception, I believe, and it focused two sisters existing on different levels on the social scale. One was living a lavish life, decked out in Chanel & Dior, Park Ave. residence and vacation home in the Hamptons, formal dinners and horseback riding abound, and all thanks to the wealth accumulated by her husband from trading in the financial market. While this kind of profession is already viewed as shady by some, her husband actually was a crook, stealing a bit and slickly navigating past federal laws and taxation. The other sister was working class, bagged groceries at a local market, and had a comfortable single floor apartment in San Francisco. The former sister (of NYC) insisted that she needed a job of importance, that her sister (of SF) find a better men who could elevate her status. There was this attitude of I lived a life of significance, and you are not doing so. But that attitude was all based on falsehoods. NYC dropped out of college to marry the husband, the husband’s earnings were not bona fide, there was nothing substantial about the life that she lived, because it all disappeared in a flash, as if it never existed to begin with. And I think that may be one of the points that Allen was trying to make.

So you see this guy, the husband of the first mentioned sister, who is making money by taking advantage of people, by disregarding established laws, by evading taxes, etc. It’s an extreme case, but then we asked, is there a way to make money honestly? I really don’t think there is.

There’s only so much money out there. True, it’s a system based on debts and the world would continue to rotate without it, but it has it’s limits. So for one to gain a higher percentage, someone else has to sacrifice a bit of theirs. I see it as a scale, with one side rising and the other naturally dropping. Regardless of whether it is not immediately, or directly, visible, someone along the line is suffering. The employees, who are just as essential as the CEO, the factory worker, who makes pennies on a product that is sold for hundreds of dollars. Most of it probably has to do with outsourcing, now that all of the essentials for functioning in any market/profession/industry are available at a fraction of their previous cost. This isn’t some sort of excuse, “well if you can’t beat them, join them”, I don’t really know what this is. A fact of life, an injustice to be addressed? Goodness knows, it’s just a reaction to a silly movie. But a Woody Allen movie…


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