An indulgent philosophy, from one too fortunate for her own good

from 8:15 is a poetic encapsulation of my sentiments

So I’m about to head out to this relatively new, neighborhood pub I’ve been meaning to check out. It’s called Brewer’s Coalition, they boast a huge and extensive beer list, blah blah blah, that’s not the subject of my ramblings today. I would just like to explain myself, in an incredibly focused and essential sense. I like to explore music genres, I find myself entranced by impressionist art, I have an interest in beer, I love wine, I am addicted to exploring my local restaurants/cafes/bistros/etc. and here’s why.

My fascination with “culture” stems from a harsh life philosophy. I accept that earth is only one planet in an infinite universe, our physical beings are just complex compositions of natural matter, our emotions are essentially biological processes that involve a bunch of chemicals… it’s all this that drives me to develop a passion for, or search for meaning in, this incredibly insignificant existence. It is absolutely essential for me to live with passion, to explore many interests, otherwise I see no point. In order to live a fulfilling life, I think the only thing we can do is find those unique-to-us interests. To set those goals that we determine as important, that we invest our whole beings in, and perform the required actions with great fervor and continue to find what will give us significance, hurdle by hurdle, so that we can quantify our own existence as substantial, and be pleased at the end. Like I intend to go to graduate school, what does that mean for me immediately? I have to take the GRE, and you know what? I am going to love every damn minute I have to spend studying for it!

But there’s a disclaimer to this proclamation; I am of a demographic, a social status, that allows me access to all this “culture”, that allows me opportunity and stability to philosophize, and that provided me with the education that has allowed me to experience and access these pursuits. I am not oblivious to this very evident specification, and I need to clarify that I do not take it for granted, and as my influence may increase as I get older, I have hopes to change these divides.

So rather than succumbing to an utterly hopeless existence, in constant awareness of our inevitable demise, I propose a toast, to finding your passions, immersing yourself in them, and fully enjoying this limited time we’re granted. CHEERS EVERYONE!


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