AFAR Magazine

I don’t read many travel magazines, or other sorts of publications in that genre, but I rely heavily on AFAR to get my wanderlust fix. I’ve been subscribed to the magazine since it was first realeased a few years ago, and I look forward to each new issue with such glee. Most recently, I’m getting the impression that the content is changing… but they do stay true to the concept of “experiential travel”, meaning throwing yourself into the culture, interacting with the locals, and trying to get meaning out of the experience. I say the content is changing because I’m noticing features on spas and isolated bungalows, which definitely cut out any chances for “meaningful experiences”. This is, however, the source of one of my all time favorite pieces of published material. The article transcends the idea of travel into this realm of commentary on human interaction and it’s phenomenal. The reason I bring your attention to AFAR today, is because I wanted to share the super database they’ve inspired online. Members are encouraged to compose “Highlights”, just little snippets of places to eat, drink, and visit. The whole thing is slowly growing to be an incredible resource for inspiration. Basically share any neighborhood feature you love to visit and look up what other people may have added. Just a note, I said it’s growing, so you’re most likely to find highlights concentrated on the bigger and frequently visited cities. But it’s still worth a look, especially my account (shameless plugging).

That is all, thank you! Read the article though, seriously.


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