I don’t know what to call this one.

I have this strange attitude towards autographs, tell me if I’m not alone. This follows a sort of disdain for the concept of “celebrity”, but that’s a subject for another talk, or maybe I should keep those thoughts to myself because I would probably offend a large % of the world’s population. Anywho, at it’s basic sense, an autograph is a signature. A signature does have relevence in certain situations like; guaranteeing your first born if you cannot pay your student loans, consenting to use your credit card for a 4 £ cappucino (yes, that’s GBP not USD, good grief!), or showing your support for any one of the random petitions you find yourself bombarded by via email from that website you thought would help you get invloved more and actually make a positive differerence but then their messages came so frequently you said “fuck it” and unsubscribed, but back to the autograph. I find it to be a very insincere form of admiration. An autograph would be an example of something so irrelevant, just being scribble on paper, because it carries no weight, no promise, no significance… besides a false form of meaningful interaction.

The reason for all this is a fault of the process, I think. The fact that you have to adopt this attitude of “I have to get something from this stranger”, personally it makes me feel like a fool and turns the whole atmosphere disingenuous. You have to consider that the person in front of you has to perform that same act, repetively, at the request of numerous people. What I would really prefer is the opportunity to connect with the person I admire, or nothing at all. It was like seeing Sting live, he was awesome the music was great, but it being a simple live performance, prohibitive of intimate (not in that way ) audience interaction, kind of made me wish I had just skipped it, spent an evening with the friends who attended to concert, with a Sting CD on in the background.

Perhaps I am just too self obsessed, to think that I have to admit being of less distinction than someone else, to succumb to the idea that just a few seconds of a stranger’s time is supposed to mean something more to me than to them. That’s also a talk for another time, most likely in a shrink’s office while reclining on a sofa. Seriously though, I found “distinction” after looking up a synonym for “value” because that felt too demeaning!

I’ve realized something, I have a real talent for fleshing out an idea and then flipping it on it’s head after I’m finished with it. If you know some publication that needs a contradicting writer, send me their way, I’m perfect for elaborating on subjects without getting to any coherent conclusion 🙂


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