Odd thoughts

“Evidently, there is no money in good health.”

I have this rising suspicion,  and recording it publicly may be a foolish idea, because it could make me seem like some crazy conspiracy theorist.

I have a very important question to ask. How is it possible that those with the blessed right of making the decisions for many, rather than just themselves, are capable of, as fellow human beings, to consciously harm others? McDonald’s executives know that the food their institution provides has no nutritional value, that the ingredients result from agricultural practices that are literally a plague on this earth, but they continue to open new locations. Politicians are well aware of the fact that government subsidies for corn or soy are gradually making it less and less plausible for a genuine farmer to afford his own profession and provide for the community, but they still pass the regulations, spurred on (with financial reward) by lobbyists. Our medical system is so focused on treatment, developing new drugs and marketing their pharmaceuticals, that there’s no funding pushed into the direction of prevention, so we stay sick rather than invest in getting and keeping us healthy. And yet, and yet…

My suspicion is this, the perceptions of our actions are incredibly jaded, foggy, opaque. Whether it’s a fault of globalization (we are no longer witness to the whole process as we might have been when everything came from and remained in the immediate community) I can’t definitively say. But something seems instinctively wrong with our current attitudes and thoughts. Something must have changed, a receptor in our brain ceased to function by evolution’s typical course. In an expansive, all encompassing way, it’s a bit off. We now seem to follow wealth with the same fervor as the caveman hunting for food, this time around we’re dressed in suits and pressed shirts.

I have no proof, I haven’t performed any studies, I have only been around (in a “capable of abstract thought” sort of way) for just a few years, but I have observed, and I’m getting a funny vibe.

p.s. I wrote this while at high altitudes, so it all might resemble affected ramblings.


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