Cape of the Codders (aka Cape Cod)

This part of the world is not well known. While everyone in Massachusetts is aware of its SINGNIFICANCE, it’s rare that anyone outside of this culture has any idea of what “The Cape” is. In modern times, the Cape is where almost all of MA invest in vacation homes, rent hotel rooms and cottages, or take the adventerous route and go camping. It’s the beachy destination where MA residents trifle their summers away. Cape Cod of the past, most specifically Provincetown, was colonized by the English settlers who started to farm the land, then popularized by the fishing industry, and most recently made famous by artists and writers, seeking solace and inspiration from the coast’s crashing waves and swaying beach grasses.

It’s all very romantic. But the Cape I know is of a different breed. I relish the sundreched days and salty air of Truro. The distant sound of wind and waves lullling me to sleep. I find that it is a land of instant familiarity without having seen the place since June of the previous year. My Provincetown, while often stuffed with tourists in the peak season, is a little oasis. Packed to the brim with little shops and restaurant, and not a chain business in sight (besides the one stop & shop). Where everyone, it’s residents and visitors, is so friendly and engaging. True, it’s a mecca for people of the not-so-straight persuasion (what am I saying, not straight at all!) but that just gives the town a sort of attitude that anything goes.

I’m still exploring, after all these years, what the outer cape (the real cape) has to offer. But here’s a list of tried and true places for a day trip.

First things first, coffee! Wired Puppy is a small cafe, the espresso drinks are expensive, but the iced coffee and ginger lemonade are top notch.

Grab lunch and head to the beach, ocean or bayside, depends on your temperature tolerance! 141 Bradford is a natural market whose products are the likes (and price) of Whole Foods, but the take away food made there is delicious!

For dinner: Victor’s, oh Victor’s. THE place to get an excellent meal in Ptown. It’s “new american” cuisine, but the menu is innovative and the quality of ingredients speak for themselves. The service is superb as well. This place deserves a post of its own, and deserves way more attention than it gets, but perhaps that’s its charm.

The Crown and Anchor (inn, tavern, and nightclub) has everything going on, like; pool parties (high cover charge), a bar with a maestro on the piano, orange leathery skin with a big white smile, belting out songs from popular musicals all night long, and a pretty decent bar menu, we had lunch while watching Wimbledon this year.

After whatever wild (or tame, I don’t know your style) night you’ve concocted, head to Spiritus pizza to soak up the alcohol and get you functioning at your full capacity. I’ve never been, but as the bars start to close the crowd around this place turns into a mob, taking up a whole block.

All of these places are located in Provincetown, the tip of Massachusetts’ arm. This is the Cape that I am familiar with, and admire, and dream of. Even as I’m in London, I am wishing for a cool cape breeze and and a bike ride down 6A. C’est la vie, I’ve found something close to perfection and nothing quite compares.

Is there perhaps a Provincetown photo journal in this blogger’s future, I must show you what I see!


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