To make up for my extended absence


Welcome summer! You’re barbecue scented afternoons have been sorely missed.

image    image

Oh the greenery, bring on the beans! And zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc…


Formaggio Kitchen. One of my favorite foodie recourses in Boston. This place is the real deal; the cheese selection is enormous and carefully compiled, from the far reaches of Europe to our own Green Mountains. And the staff is so well informed, so accommodating, and incredibly pleasant. There are artisan chocolate bars from Brooklyn and Cambridge, craft beer from Freeport (ME) and Framingham (MA). This place certainly deserves a post all its own, but I fear if I tried to write such a thing I would end up with an essay. Brace yourself for the bill, the stock comes from all over and is understandably pricey. But come on, the way I talk this place up, it just couldn’t be any other way. Formaggio is the place to spoil your taste buds, simple as that.



Ended up at Sam’s again recently. This was a phenomenal meal. It had all the wonderful aspects of good company, good food, good weather… I did not want that dear evening to end.

image   image

Quick and easy dessert, that is just so damn good. Served as individual portions, or family style. Meringues, fresh berries, and some sort of dairy thing. I lightened some sweetened mascarpone with whipped cream here, and added a vanilla bean for good measure. Anything like a custard, or pudding would go well also.

image   image

In case you weren’t aware, it is the Summer of Riesling! I am a big fan of this grape. It’s wine is so deliciously acidic, floral, and rocky. It’s my favorite white varietal right now. And each bottle varies incredibly, one vineyard may keep their wine drier (which I prefer), while another will use overripe grapes for an incredibly sweet result. Here’s a nice example, I’d call it a beginner Riesling. It’s more approachable than other complex Rieslings I’ve had. It also has a tiny bit of carbonation to it. Once chilled, it is the perfect wine to beat the worst of our sweltering and sticky summer days.

imageThe very beginning of the bounty from our own garden. Picking these berries, which are present for only a couple of weeks a year, directly from the bush, and savoring their pure, fresh flavors within seconds; this to me is what some may call a “spiritual” experience.  I wish everyone a fruitful summer filled with delicious treats, hopefully from as close to your own backyard as you can get!


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