And now for something completely different…

Finally got around to watching Manhattan the other night (available on Netflix instant), one of Woody Allen’s most favored films. In one of the last scenes, Allen’s character makes a list inspiried by this question: “Why is life worth living?” Listening to his own remarks, I felt compelled to make my own list of “certain things that make it worth while.” Although I don’t have the same terrifying paranoia regarding life’s ineveitable mortality that Allen does, I must admit I share a certain fear of the day that it all will end for me. I watched the documentary on Woody Allen in the same week, and as he was interviewed, I realized we shared the same kind of childhood epiphany. My experience occured at the wierdest time, I remember being at the little shopping plaza on the VFW parkway. Whether we were renting a movie from Blockbuster or grabbing a bite to eat, I cannot remember, but I was walking outside by my mother when it suddenly hit me out of nowhere. By the time we were in the car, I was crying, feeling completely overwhelmed by panic or some other random emotion. Thankfully, I don’t feel the same kind of sensations today when thinking about death. It’s still disheartening to consider the fact, but it is a fact, so I kind of just accept it and move on with my life – try to do things that I’m proud of so I feel satisfied when that time rolls around.

Moving on from the dismal, here’s a little list (a.k.a. Things that Move Me):
Woody Allen fims (DUH)
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald duets (like this one, or this one, and this one too)
Rhapsody in Blue (as featured in the video clip from Manhattan)
Fresh tomatoes from my mother’s summer garden
Jazz music
Cooking good food for good friends
Lavender, and the sound of rain
Rainy mornings that you can lie in bed for a time
Pecan Sticky Buns from Seven Stars
Cappuccinos, preferably from Coffee Exchange
Impressionist paintings (most significantly Claude Monet & his Houses of Parliament series)
Summer BBQ’s
2004 Vallana Gattinara
The look of historic Beacon Hill, and South End

I could add a gem to this compilation everyday for the rest of my life, so I’ll just stop myself here.

Tell me what moves you, so I can be moved too, and we can all be moved together, like a large coalition of hippies!

And this post applies to this blog ’cause I mentioned summer BBQ’s and cooking… yup, that sounds right to me!


3 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. We are definitely kindred spirits, Abigail. I adoooore Woody Allen’s films. (Recently watched To Rome With Love and it was genius!) I also started to watch that documentary but had to stop halfway…
    And seriously, Louis and Ella are the best duet ever. I love all those songs! You can also add “Can’t we be friends” to that list 😉
    And, check out the Pink Martini station on Pandora – chances are you’ll love it.

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