The Past Few Days

What a week! Had some time to rest, did a ton of baking, I am ready for the next trimester to begin. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, as always. Our hosts pulled out all the stops, a very veggie-friendly menu, plenty of wine, and a huge turkey which I imagine pleased many bellies. For dessert, I contributed a vanilla cheesecake topped with stewed apples, a pumpkin cheesecake coated in a brandy ganache, and pecan pie! I always refer to the Philadelphia cheesecake recipe, and use my preferred brand of cream cheese instead. Make sure to use a water bath, and I added the contents of a vanilla bean as well. For the pumpkin flavor, I added about 10 ozs. of canned pumpkin to the batter of 1/2 of the Philadelphia recipe (for a smaller cake). Also used this pecan pie recipe, no corn syrup for me please, and added 2 tablespoons of bourbon right before pouring into the baked pie crust.

Splitting a vanilla bean:

Last night consisted of 11pm pancakes as well, a totally sound idea I know. Getting into the spirit of a new trimester, that’s what that was. And our Christmass tree is up! In my mind, the second Thanksgiving celebrations are over, it’s acceptable to put up Christmas decorations and play Christmas music… select Christmas music. It was snowing today, after all.

This is quite the uninformative post, isn’t it? Forgive me, I am still in vacation mode. Instead, let me refer you to the Kitchn for something with more substance.


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