Myers + Chang


If there’s one foreign custom in the culinary world I want to experience most, it’s authentic dim sum. Just imagine; carts full of all sorts delicious small plates to sample from, a loud dining hall atmosphere, a big group of friends and/or family… the makings of a perfect breakfast. Until I find such a place in my neck of the woods, I will gladly turn to Myers + Chang for a cool (and delicious!) spin on dim sum. Dim sum, in its original sense, is the Chinese breakfast custom of a meal compiled from samplings carted around the establishment. Sounds awesome, right?! Although an American (say it the voice, you know you want to) breakfast may consist of a hefty plate of sausages, bacon, eggs, and pancakes (just for the heck of it), the idea of customizing a full meal from small bites of ethnic food really appeals to me. I refer to Anthony Bourdain, yet again, to show you what I cannot:

Segway to Myers + Chang: This was my first time visiting the restaurant. It’s a fun casual place, where it’s clear that a lot of thought was put into the decor. There are neat dragon and geometric prints on the windows (lots of natural light, which is a definite plus), plenty of large mirrors on the wall, an open kitchen which features a bar you can sit on (if you’re interested in dinner and a show), and an ombré tile floor. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience at Myers + Chang. The food was delicious, our server was attentive, although we needed to rush out at the end and he did not make that easy, and while the Lotus something or other drink was delicious, I did not care too much for the Scorpion Mimosa.

Brussel sprouts! Since when has it been normal to start the day out with brussel sprouts? Odd as it may be, these were great. Still a bit too raw for my taste, but the caramelized onions were a wonderful touch and rounded out out all the flavors. It’s actually something to consider, caramelizing onions with a bit of soy sauce? Very nice…

It’s going to be tough to remember about taking pictures of food before I dig in!

Spring rolls. You know, your average spring rolls. The veggie combination tasted a bit different than I am accustomed to, not a bad thing though.

Crispy Spring Rolls

The following I did not try because of my veggie-ness, but my sources say they were delicious. Not pictured is the 5 Spice Tofu Bao, which was awesome. I loves the fluffy white cakes, and the sauce was incredible! Made the sandwich as a whole very delicious.

Tea Smoked Ribs
Chawanmushi-Silky Egg Custard with Shitake and Bonito
Duck Bao
Duck and Chicken Bao with the Egg Custard

My favorite dish, by far: the Celery + Tofu Salad. It sounds incredibly simple, and well, it was. But that is what made it stand out. It featured a very tasty sauce that brought a depth to the simple celery and tofu. Those 2 main ingredient contrasted each other in texture, bringing a balance of crunchy vs. silky textures to the umami vs. fresh flavors. The bi-toned sesame seed were a nice aesthetic touch as well.

Celery + Tofu Salad
A meal well spent!

Any recommendations for Rhode Island or Massachusetts dim sum?

p.s. If you have not been to Joanne Chang’s bakery, Flour, yet, you are seriously missing out. There are a few locations around Boston and the pastries there are phenomenal, think heavenly sticky buns and pain aux raisins. Chang also has a cookbook out, if you’re interested in bringing some of that phenomenal-ness to your kitchen.


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