Small Point Cafe

Providence is a great little city. With practically half of its population consisting of students, it has a young and creative vibe. Most applicable to me, it’s filled to the brim with great eateries (no. 3 of America’s Best Cities for Foodies), and new places are always popping up. I’ve been living in Providence for about a year now, and have been lucky enough to explore a bit of what it has to offer. I am seriously lacking though. There is still so much I haven’t gotten around to yet; a whole list of restaurants I need to visit, I have yet to see a play at Trinity Repertory Theater, the list goes on.

I can, however, tell you a little bit about Small Point Cafe. Last fall, I made it a serious mission to get to Small Point every Saturday for a bit of coffee and some study time, but then we got into the swing of classes and I stopped frequenting this cafe. Thank goodness for my move to the downcity campus! As opposed to spending all day at our Harborside campus in Cranston, I am currently attending classes just a few blocks away from the beloved Westminster Street. Two favorite streets in Providence, by the way, are Westminster and Benefit.

Westminster Street

Stroll anywhere on the east side and the adorable little colonial houses all have plaques dating back to the mid 19th century. Along with brick sidewalks, it feels as though you’ve traveled through time. Getting back to Small Point, I have returned(!) and meet a friend there for afternoon tea once a week. This is a great place to get some studying in, meet a friend, I’ve even heard interviews being conducted a few tables away. I’m a cappuccino girl, so that’s my typical beverage of choice, but I also really enjoy their pastries and sandwiches. It’s all simple food, but it’s done nicely and definitely satisfies lunchtime stomach grumbles. Now that it’s getting chillier outside, their hot chocolate really hits the spot as well. I believe they steam their milk for the hot coco, so you get a supremely delicious and velvety drink. Definitely check this place out when you have the chance.

From their Facebook page

p.s. Here is an awesome example of a restaurant that relies on its surrounding community for produce. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could get places like this going all around the states?


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